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Complete Bio
The Artist's Studio

Sylvia Constantinidis

How to log in WEBCT

WebCt is your classroom in the net. We use it very much in all my classes.
As we go along you will enjoy using Webct. It will help you turning in papers, homeworks and more.
It is fundamental that you register in webct. You should complete that process during the first week of the semester.

2-) click on " create mywebct"
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you use the same user name and password that you use for Miami Dade College.
3-) Click on 'ADD A COURSE'
4-) search on the list your course name including my name on it, for example Mul1010-Constantinidis, Mul2380-Constantinidis, or HUM1020-CONSTANTINIDIS .
CLICK ON THE PENCIL. You will be automatically added to my class.  
If you have a problem performing these steps see me after class ASAP, as I will have to complete your registration personally.

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