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Sylvia Constantinidis

Some Ideas "On Gender and Music"

Why Gender and Music:

Very interesting is this subject of discussion. The reality is that there is a clear difference between success rate and genders. Almost in all professions there is a higher percentage of male dominance. And as we move up in de ladder of success, prestige and responsibilities, the differences are more and more clear.

When this subject arises in class –and believe it does-, I remind the students that it is no just a problem that is present in the United States. It is, on the contrary, a very clear pattern present in all countries embraced by Western Civilization, and Eastern Civilizations as well.
There are many possible causes to this phenomenon. I would like to think that we are moving in the direction to solve this situation and that women are getting every day more and more prepared to be able to compete with professional males in equal terms.

So, since I believe that we are on the right track to create a solution to this problem. I will attribute the causes of it to more than luck: history.
Unfortunately, since the beginnings of Western Civilization, we have seen a very strong male domination. Even the Greeks of Ancient times, so advance and educated and major contributors to the Western, had a male dominated society. Greek women were, not only, not allowed to possess property, but neither to do business, work or even open the front door of their own homes. Greek female education was done at home. Unfortunately, this will set the seeds of all the Western Civilization mentality and its consequences reflect across the board.
Of not major assistance to women development has been the monotheist religions. Contrary to the grandiosity of Athena, with the birth of monotheism the superiority of men will be re-affirmed by making god a male. May be, women were better off during primitive times, when the culture venerated fertility, and women.
Monotheist religions associated men and god while enhancing male’s powers and virtues. At the same time, women were sent to be punished for eternity because of Eve and the concept of the natural sin. Two thousand years after the birth of Christianity we are still looking for our right place on society and we are fighting it in all the arenas: music not to be the exception.
It is nor a ‘European’ ‘American’ or else mentality. Is the development of Civilization, and I feel that women finally are getting a hang on it. We are learning how to battle on the feel: Now the future is ours.

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